Wednesday, 13 November 2019

3rd edition and the future- a bit of an editorial

Hi again all, thought I'd put up a bit of a more personal post regarding the blog.

When I started this blog in August 2018 I was almost exclusively playing BMG despite some brief flings with other games. Because of this I decided I would start writing about what I was playing and getting excited about which allowed the spread on the blog in terms of content. Since then I have gone back to, and started a lot more, other games which have taken my time and BMG has fallen to the wayside locally. The announcement of 3rd edition has led to a lot of cautious waiting, and I look forward to the full release as I really do like what I see coming, but I haven't played the game for a few months now as other things have taken the focus away.

As well as just not having the time for BMG, the last few months have been my last semester in my degree. This meant that I had less time for gaming but especially writing, so I simply didn't write for a lot of the semester. I am now finished that degree waiting to graduate, so my time for writing has massively increased, but I now aim to create a blog where I can discuss whatever takes my whim at that time and go into my gaming experience in general. All my BMG tactics posts for 2nd edition models will be migrated there once 3rd edition launches and I can revise them with new rules, and this blog will still exist in perpetuity as it currently stands without any changes. So goodbye to the Arkham Convicts, and welcome to the next step in my blogging life!

Thanks to everyone for the support, Rygnan

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